Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Cornerstone In American History

What does the book, Wee Macgreegor, have to do with American history? Nothing really, except that it belonged to a Scotsman named William A. Brodie (1841-1917) who, at the age of two, emigrated to America with his parents.

Unless you're from Geneseo, New York, you probably never heard of William A. Brodie. He was a Master Mason of the Great State of New York. He was also the mason who set the cornerstone of the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty.

To verify that this is the bookplate of the William A. Brodie who set the cornerstone, I also have a book formerly owned by his son, Warren J. Brodie, Geneseo, New York

He signed his name on the title page of his copy of the Book of Snobs.


Anonymous said...

I sold you these books. It makes me happy that they are meaningful to you. I purchased a number of items from Mr. Brodie's estate and have enjoyed sending them around the world. One thing that I passed on was the original artwork for that beautiful bookplate you have pictured. I am still kicking myself over that.

Anne Coddington Muller said...

852William A. Brodie was the brother of my Great Grandmother, McDowell Jane Brodie Coddington. My Grandfather, father & brother are all named William Brodie Coddington. (Sr, Jr, & III)

Glad that you are enjoying the book!