Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snapshots of Mary Hyde

In My Sentimental Library Collection, I have books written by and about the authors I collect. I have books they formerly owned. I have catalogues of their libraries, if ones were published. I have their bookplates, if they had ones. I have letters written to or from them. And, in the case of Mary Hyde, I have a few photos of her, and two newspaper articles about her.

To old friends of the Hydes, these images will bring back memories. To new friends, these images will provide glimpses into the life of Mary Hyde.

Mary Hyde

In Her Younger Days!

Just Beautiful!


At the Typewriter!

At the Auction!

At the Signing of the Declaration of Independence!

On a Camel!

Bon Voyage!

I acquired these photos and newspaper articles from Gabriel Austin and Sally Bullard.

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Sumptuosity - Ruth said...

What wonderful photographs! They really do give a snapshot (if you will forgive the pun) on an interesting life