Monday, December 2, 2019

The Book-Plates of Samuel Pepys: Number Eight of the Twelve Blog Posts for Christmas

   M E R R Y   H I SS !

Eight years ago, I began a custom that bookmen in the past have enjoyed doing, among them Luther A. Brewer and A. Edward Newton.  Each Christmas, they published a keepsake and sent it to their friends.  I decided to post my Christmas keepsakes on My Sentimental Library blog, and share them with other bibliophiles online.  I already had the resource to supply the material for the keepsakes: twelve essays from Contributions to Biblionotes, the unofficial newsletter of the Bibliomites.  Walter Harris was its editor, which means he was the author of most if not all of the contributions to Biblionotes.

I posted Walter Harris's first seven essays to Biblionotes as my first seven Christmas blog posts:  Ex-Libris, Chapbooks, Grangerisers, Miniature Books, Peter Motteux, The Bewicks and Their Bookplates, and The Rochester Press.  This year I am posting Walter Harris's essay, "The Book-Plates of Samuel Pepys." And I am posting jpegs of Pepys's bookplates, which will appear immediately after Walter Harris's essay.

If you want to know more about Bibliomites, Biblionotes, and Walter Harris before reading this year's Christmas blog post, I recommend that you click on the hyperlink, and read my Dec 2013 Biblio Researching blog post:
About Bibliomites, Biblionotes, and Walter "Wally" Harris.

First Plate

Second Plate

Large Portrait Plate

Smaller Portrait Plate

Firth Plate, Shield Blank

Fifth Plate, Arms Filled In

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