Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Peter Motteux: Number Five
of the
Twelve Blog Posts For Christmas

Five years ago,  I began a custom that bookmen in the past have enjoyed doing, among them Luther A. Brewer and A. Edward Newton.  Each Christmas they published a keepsake and sent it to their friends.  I decided to post my Christmas keepsakes on My Sentimental Library blog, and share them with all of my readers.  And I already had the bibliophilic resource to supply the material for the keepsakes: Contributions to Biblionotes, the "unofficial" newsletter of the "Bibliomites."  Walter Harris was its editor, which means he was the author of practically all the contributions to Biblionotes. 

 I posted Walter Harris's  first four essays  as my first four Christmas blog posts:  Ex-libris, Chapbooks, Grangerisers and Miniature Books.  This year I am posting his essay on Peter Motteux (1663-1718).  You may not recognize that name, but you will recognize the titles of the books he is associated with.

If you want to know a little bit about Bibliomites, Biblionotes, and Walter Harris before reading this year's Christmas blog post, you are only one click away:

About Bibliomites, Biblionotes and Walter "Wally" Harris
(first published Dec 2013)


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