Friday, December 12, 2014

The Displaced Book Collector and More

My Sentimental Library blog and my Biblio-Connecting blog are my two most popular blogs; but they are not my only ones.  I have five more blogs whose posts and individual page views you can view below.

May 2007  to displace:  to take the place of
pageviews:  74          

Jun 2007  A Shelf In My Bookcase
pageviews:  143

Jun 2007  Among the Leaves, Fruit
pageviews:  211

Jun 2007  My Library:  A View From the Crib
pageviews:  165

Jun 2007  Once a Book Collector . . .
pageviews:  127

Jul 2007  Moi the Bookplate Collector?
pageviews:  165

Aug 2007  Bookplate Literature
pageviews:  116

Oct 2007  The Displaced Book Collector Has Been Replaced
pageviews:  97

Oct 2007  Researching a George Birkbeck Hill ALS
pageviews:  515

Oct 2007  Letters Found in Books
pageviews:  76

Feb 2008  Update on Letters Found in Books
pageviews:  53

Sep 2008  Charles Lamb's Library on Library Thing
pageviews:  55

May 2009  My Elements of Style Collection
pageviews:  1188

May 2009  William Strunk's Other Books in My Library
pageviews:  1060

Sep 2009  A Correction to the Copyright and Bibliographic Records of The Elements of     
pageviews:  313

Apr 2010  Stylized and the Forgotten Edition of Strunk's Elements of Style
pageviews:  329

Jul 2011  A Statius Check
pageviews:  677

Jul 2011  Corrections to the 1810 Catalogue of Greek & Latin Classics in the Auchinleck Library
pageviews:  621

Dec 2011  Researching the Value of Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare
pageviews:  1056

May 2012  Biblio Researching 101
pageviews:  173

Sep 2012 About That Engraving by William Kneass . . .
pageviews:  410

Oct 2012  Researching Serving You. . . And Its Catalog Records
pageviews:  521

Feb 2013 The Boswell Copy of Piozzi's Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson?
pageviews:  145

May 2013  A Well-Lobbied Government:  How the NRA Won the Battle Over the Second Amendment
pageviews:  351

Oct 2013  Is America Lost in the Funhouse?
pageviews:  156

Dec 2013  About Bibliomites, Biblionotes, and Walter "Wally" Harris
pageviews:  296

Jun 2014  Some Auspicious Biblio-Sleuthing
pageviews:  406
non-bookrelated:  intended to be about my childhood, Air Force days, and beyond

Jul 2007  The Old Neighborhood
pageviews:  341

Jul 2007  My Old House:  It is Still Standing
pageviews:  38

Jul 2007  Stage Fright
pageviews:  29

Jul 2007  Peeping Toms
pageviews:  44

Sep 2007  Old Stoneface:  Memories of New York
pageviews:  177

Nov 2009  . . . But Not Forgotten
pageviews:  256

Nov 2009  On Thanksgiving Day
pageviews:  1105

Aug 2011  Loves Me, Loves Me Not
pageviews:  134

Jan 2012  The Night I Beat Up Johnny Polovoy
pageviews:  89

Nov 2008  Mary Hyde and the Unending Pursuit
pageviews:  2213

Nov 2008  William Targ, Bibliophile
pageviews:  571

Mar 2009  Cataloguing Dead People's Books;  Namely, the Libraries of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, and Charles Lamb
pageviews:  874

Apr 2009  Birrell, Starrett, Morley, But Who Is O. M.?
pageviews:  171

Aug 2009  Kings of Persia
pageviews:  122

Apr 2013  From Whence They Came:  Don Brady and His Miniature Books
pageviews:  461

Apr 2004   Contemplations of Moi Bibliomaniac:
(Blog revived below)

Dec 2012  Contemplations of MoiBibliomaniac
pageviews:  211

Jan 2013  MoiBlogomaniac?
pageviews:  222

Feb 2013:  Jerry Morris:  The Never-Ending Story
pageviews:  233

Feb 2013  On Selecting a Bookplate For My Library
pageviews:  1878

Feb 2013  On Finding New Owners For My Old Books
pageviews:  134

Mar 2013  Library For Sale
pageviews:  162

Jun 2013  A Former Owner's Review of the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning
pageviews:  431

Aug 2013  A Most Heavenly Review?
pageviews:  159

Jul 2014  Are Libraries Obsolete?  An Argument For Relevance in the Digital Age
pageviews:  63

Aug 2014  A Second Book of Booksellers:  Conversations with the Antiquarian Book Trade 
pageviews:  159

Sep 2014  Johnny Evers:  A Baseball Life
pageviews:  71

Dec 2014  The Court-Martial of Paul Revere
pageviews:  17

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