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Maureen E Mulvihill List of Online Work

In My Sentimental Library, I have a copy of The Common Reader by Virginia Woolf, New York, 1925. Mary Hyde signed this copy with her maiden name, Mary Morley Crapo, in 1930 when she lived in Detroit. My Guest Blogger, Maureen E. Mulvihill, also lived in Detroit, and read more than a bit about Virginia Woolf. She wrote an essay on Virginia Woolf's final weeks.  Maureen wrote another essay that Mary Hyde would have loved as well: a review of the Peyraud Collection, which contained a number of Samuel Johnson's works.  These essays, along with a number of others, come complete with active links, and are listed below for the pleasure of you, the common reader.

Guest of This Blog

Maureen E. Mulvihill (NYC; Princeton, NJ).
Scholar, Writer, Book Collector.

I am pleased to list the following links to hosted work by Dr Mulvihill, who has written on a rich variety of subjects, with particular strengths in antiquarian books, pre-1800 literatures, Irish literary culture, Dutch New York, and women writers. Here are her selected postings (last updated, Dec 2014):

. Rare Books: Paula Peyraud Collection, New York

. Victorian Rarities: Mark Samuels Lasner Collection, Delaware

. Mulvihill Collection (selections)

. Jack B. Yeats: Painting 'The Ginger of Life' (with music)

. Lady Gregory, by the McCreadys (with music)

. Ireland's Second City

. Irish and Slavery: Nini Rodgers at Ireland House / NYU, 2009

. Mary Leadbetter, A New Edition (publisher promo, 2 pages)

. Advisory Board: Ireland And The Americas, 3 vols (2008)

. 'Ephelia' And Concealed Authorship (with music)

. Ephebe: Extreme Beauty & the Seduction of Oscar Wilde (2002; 2014)

. Virginia Woolf, Her Final Weeks (January-March 1941)

. Jane Austen at the Morgan Library (with music)

. Dutch New York, Van Varick Exhibition, NYC

. Frances Burney, Market Valuations 2009-2010

. New Work on George and Mary Villiers

. Emma Donoghue (Canadian Encyclopedia, Spring 2011)

. Frank Brady's ENDGAME,  Or Writing Bobby Fischer

. Bloomsday, Sarasota, Fl. 2011

. Rubens & the 17th-Century Book World (2012)

. Frontispieces, Women Writers (2013)

Veronese, His Seventeeth-Century Legacy, Exhibition Review (2014)

. 17th-Century Women & the Visual Arts (2014)

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